Cozy Jungle Bedroom Makeover

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Hi hi! We've been on a roll with making improvements around our house (like this pink dining room situation & the hanging plant baskets in our living room) and the bedroom was beginning to feel kinda neglected. From the unstable flimsy wooden bed frame to the complete lack of wall art, we felt like we were being realllly bad domestic gays. Like, having solid decorating skills was most of the reason we chose to be gay in the first place. Anyway, little Fox finally gave us enough side-eye about our not-so-decent bedroom so we decided to get on making some improvements. Check out the items we used below to turn the space from post-college sleeping spot to something more worthy of putting on the internet. AND - don't forget to enter to win a pair of those insanely beautiful sconces at the end of the post!


First things first, our ten year old mattress (yikes) had to gtfo. In it's place, we wanted a mattress that was supportive and firm without feeling "hard." Lucky enough, the cuties at Bear Mattress turnt it out with this athletic recovery bed that feels like Cristiano Ronaldo is rocking you to sleep in a cradle made of clouds. Maybe that's just what we've been imaging? Look, it's comfortable as heck. Also, bonus points: it gets delivered to your home in an air-compressed rolled up bag thingy in a box the size of a mini-fridge. The bag keeps it all compacted and then you use the tool they supply to cut it open and the damn thing springs to life and it is SO COOL. Check out the time-lapse video we made of that process below! Anyhow, yeah we were a bit nervous about picking out a mattress online without testing it in person, but we've literally never been happier or more well rested. Also like whatever there's a 100 day risk-free trial period so if you don't love it send us hate mail (plz don't!) and then submit a request to get your money back. If you like a supportive mattress or have a pretty active lifestyle, this thing is for you. If you're not in need of a whole new mattress but want something to help you rest better after a workout, they've also got an active recovery pillow and mattress protector.


Those dope sconces we're using as nightstand/reading lights are the magazine sconce from Sazerac Stitches - a local company owned by amazing couple, Kirsten and Matt. These two beautiful folks did the chandelier in our living room, and if you're looking to upgrade your home or office with some beautiful lighting, take a look at their site or Instagram. Their prices are super super reasonable, they are able to ship anywhere in the country, and the quality is BEYOND. They're also letting us give away a pair of the sconces you see in these photos! Entry details are below!


With the bed set up, we turned our attention to the walls. First of all, we went for a pale grey/blue wall color to keep things simple. We love how neutral and calming it is and it's pretty much the perfect background for any art, photographs, or... tree-looking things you want to be coming out of your walls. About that: they're called staghorn ferns and we are (claps for emphasis) obsessed (claps for emphasis again) with them (multiple claps for emphasis). They came from Jeanne and Stephen of Luna Botanicals, a local succulent / plant company that's been adding a little green to homes and businesses across New Orleans. If you're digging their work as much as we are, follow them on Instagram to make sure you keep up with their inventory and plant workshops (we missed the succulent wreath workshop and still hate ourselves for it). 

The hanging photographs are a few pieces from the current showing at local art gallery, The Grand Maltese in the Bywater (which has a sister business in the back, Bywater Framing). The work is done by Southerly Gold, a collective of local female photographers creating a space for representation and community. We're loving them for their simple but beautiful colors and composition and sturdy white frames.


OK, so next up was the bed frame itself. This guy is the Emmerson reclaimed wooden bed frame from West Elm (look we know we use West Elm a lot you don't need to give us all that side-eye, we love them). It's gorgeous, sturdy, and made of like six pieces so it takes no time to set up. We've gone and dressed up the bed with Belgian linen sheets, because they strike that perfect balance of being remarkably cooling, comfortable, and perfect for Instagram


We went with hanging shelves for our nightstands because the room is pretty small, and with a king-sized bed filling it up we didn't want to cram it anymore than necessary. These guys are the 12" wooden floating shelves from Target and they're like $20 but if anyone ask they're *very* expensive and handmade. From Italy.

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